We Have Eyes

by Greg Grant

(free) 04:54


It's always difficult to try and classify Greg Grant's music - he is definitely a musician who is comfortable playing a variety of genres and he easily jumps from one to the other. This cd starts out with Greg playing slide guitar and a Rock/Acoustic Rock/Americana feel. The second song adds a Bluegrassy feel to it, by the third song he is into an African feel, a la Ali Farka Toure. Later on in the cd there are congas and dumbeks, saxophone and ebow, adding Jazz and a bit of Electronica into the list of genres he draws from. There is a lot of craftmanship and soul in all of the songs on this cd, both in the music and the lyrics. Most of "We Have Eyes" is very upbeat and earthy but by the end he takes us into a mellow, introspective, dreamy place, somewhere in outer or inner space. A great cd.


released July 15, 2008

All songs by Greg Grant
© 2008 Altered State Records

All acoustic and electric guitars, ebow, drums, bass, congas, dumbek, shakers, alto saxophone and vocals by Greg.

Recorded with solar power at Strawbale Studio.
Engineered and mixed by Greg Grant and Linda Vigil.

Mastered by Rick Fisher.



all rights reserved


Greg Grant Whitefish, montana

Welcome to the official website of Greg Grant.
Montana based guitarist, saxophonist, singer, songwriter, composer, recording & live sound engineer.

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Track Name: Out Of Ink
Out of Ink

Everybody got to find their own way home
You can't show no one just how to go
Some people like to fly high,
some people like to stay down low

I want to show you something real that you ain't seen
Give you a little break in your routine
When I talk about it,
I want you to know what I mean

You can lead a horse to water
but you can't make him drink
After spending time with you,
you know that's what I think
I wanted to write us a happy ending
but with you, I've run out of ink

I want to show you something good but you don't care
All I get from you is a vacant stare
The held out hand I'm holding out for you
is hanging on to nothing but air

I want to take you somewhere new but you won't go
You'd prefer to stay around the things you know
I thought we could get there,
but you're just too damn slow

Everybody got to find their own way home
You can't show no one just how to go
Some people like to ride fast,
some people like to move real slow
Track Name: Bigger Isn't Better
Here in the mountains
I found my dream
A life worth living
In a place that's clean

I love my life here I'm asking you people
In this small town Please don't let
But "progress" is coming So called progress
It's hunting us down Rear it's ugly head

We've got a two lane highway Don't let them deprive me
There aren't no malls Of my beautiful home
Here in the mountains They want to cut the trees down
We want to keep things small And pave the roads

It's fun in the city I'm asking you people
I like to go sometimes Let's please make a stand
But when I'm done there Cause we're all going to hell
I need to hide If we destroy the land

Out in the mountains They say bigger is better
Far away But I disagree
From the hustle and bustle Bigger out here means
Of your busy day The end of our dream

So you can keep your highways
And your urban sprawl
Out here in the mountains
We want to keep things small
Track Name: Before I Go
First it’s slow and then it’s fast
It crawls along then rushes past
Before you know it, it’s all gone
Before I go, I want to sing my songs

I move slow
But time moves fast
It’s time to sow
These seeds at last
The future’s hiding in the past
Life is good, I hope mine can last

Time it comes and time it goes
Where it slips to, I don’t know
When you’ve got a lot to do
It’s always running out on you

I move slow
But time moves fast
It’s time to sow
These seeds at last
The future’s hiding in the past
Life is good, I hope mine can last

Like a boat out at sea
I float and I’m free
Sometimes it seems
That life’s just a dream
Track Name: 21st Century Pioneer
It's been awhile I've had this plan
To get myself back to the land
A place where I can be myself
Don't want to be nobody else

I'll plant some food and watch it grow
All organic don't you know
Won't pay for water that's for sure
Right from the ground it's free and pure

Please don't worry I'll be fine
like a cat I've got nine
If you miss me when I'm gone
Think of me when you hear this song

Or come with me now take my hand
Let's get ourselves back to the land
The country life's good for you and me
Come on won't you come with me

Wood is free to heat our home
It's nice to watch the fire glow
Won't have many bills to pay
Won't have to run to stay in place

We'll refuse to work too hard
Won't let no bank hold all the cards
We'll build our home with our own sweat
To stay free stay out of debt
Track Name: The So Called Truth
All my life, I’ve been hearing
How it’s supposed to be
But what might seem good to you
Might not be so good for me

My life is my own
Sorry if you disagree
It belongs to me alone
So you be you, let me be me

All I need is some time
On my own, to find what’s best
You know, it ain’t no crime
To be different from the rest

How can you try and tell me
What you’ve been told is true
When what you’re trying to sell me
Is just something they sold to you

Some people try and tell you
That it’s black when you see white
If you question the so-called truth
They just shake their heads and swear they’re right

We don’t see though we have eyes
We’re taught not to question the “truth”
Most of us believe the lies
Blind faith is our proof

All my life I have heard
How it’s supposed to be
But truth doesn’t live in words
It’s in the eyes that can see

There’s no one best way
To get where you’re going
I guess I’d have to say
It depends which way the wind is blowing

So I’ll set my sails
And hope for the best
You know, if I should fail
At least I didn’t stay down, like the rest
Track Name: Montana Is My Home
Sitting here, like a rat in a cage
Living with a woman who was once half my age
With my guitar, I sit down in a chair
In the mirror, I see her braid her long black hair

And I just want to get back home
I want to have just a little bit of time alone

She looks at me and says that I should write a song
I say, “sure thing” it shouldn’t take long
Cause I don’t feel too alive today
I am stuck here, I don’t have much to say

And I just want to get back home
I want to have just a little bit of space to roam

People here live like sardines in a can
That’s no kind of life for a Montana man
Over here, I’m lost in the crowd
In Montana, there’s sky all around

Maybe it’s not for me to say
But I think that there has got to be a better way

It feels like skies here for me are gray
I’m thinking about tomorrow to make it through today
I strum my guitar, and these words start to flow
Before I know it, this song starts to grow

And I still want to get back home
But when I play, the time don’t pass so slow

Sitting here, like a rat in a cage
Living with a woman who was once half my age
I am glad she told me to write this song
I was feeling down, but now I’m feeling strong

And I just want to get back home
Back to Montana, Montana is my home
Track Name: Still Smiling
I feel lost
When I’m down
So I take a good look around
And try
To find a way
To forget my mistakes
Always good in bad
And when I’m really sad
I can try
To free my mind
Get back to feeling fine

Get back to trying
To keep on smiling

Will have the last say
It moves us on to better days
It washes away
The bad taste
Of our past mistakes
Is just a state of mind
When you feel like you’re out of time
Been old before
But not anymore
I’m young again

I gave up trying
It felt like dying

Had my face to the ground
I’ve been kicked when I was down
But I’ve
Learned how to rise
And open up my eyes
To the light
That’s all around
You can’t always see it but
If you go high above the clouds
Will see how
The sun’s always shining

It’s always shining
If you just keep on climbing
Felt my dreams crumble down
In pieces on the ground
But some
Live on and
Some take off
And fly me around
If we
Could only see how
Our time is now
Yesterday’s gone
Tomorrow never come around
There’s only now
Now, now, now…

You know I’m still smiling
Cause I keep on climbing
Track Name: She's A Girl
Wings at her window, in the morning
Wings at her window, in the morning
Wings at her window, in the morning
Wings at her window, in the morning

She’s special, she’s a girl
Her words are gonna help to change this world

Outside her window, she hears wings
“Little Girl, wake up” is what the little bird sings

If she could, she’d sleep until the afternoon
But this world needs her to wake up and speak the truth

The truth needs a voice like hers to be heard
So, in the morning, she’s woken by a magical bird

Round the world, people wait for her words
Deep down inside, they know she’s pure

Cause she’s special, she’s a girl
Her words are gonna help to change this world

Wings at her window, in the morning
Wings at her window, in the morning
Track Name: Everything Is Alright
Down here, by the seaside
I’ve been clearing my mind
Things haven’t been going so greatly
But, right now, I feel fine

The sunshine down here, is so bright
That I must squint my eyes
To see the seagulls flying
Up there, in the sky

Sunshine is all around me
I’m surrounded by light
I feel light, as a feather
Everything is alright

I had a girl who wouldn’t
Treat me too kind
I had a life before her
That for her I left behind

I miss the land that I
Used to call home
And I understand now
Just how, you suffer, you grow

But, down here by the seaside
Things are just fine
I feel light, as a feather
Everything is alright
Track Name: Ebbtide
In life, there’s an ebb and flow
Just how long we have, we don’t know

But we all know it can’t last
And it seems the tide can turn so fast

At this point in my life
I don’t want to waste no more time

And now here I am
I think I finally understand
The good and bad that I’ve lived
It was all a wonderful gift
But now we have to say goodbye
It seems that I’m out of time
Please don’t worry for me
The tide will turn again eventually

Love it comes and goes
Like the waves that crash to the shore

At this point I think we should try
Not to let more time pass us by

We’ll meet again I’m sure
I’m glad that you were mine and I was yours

And now, here we are
Looking back we’ve come so far
When I look into your eyes
You know it tears me up inside
For now, we have to say goodbye
It seems that we’re out of time
We’ll meet again somehow
But it’s goodbye for now
Track Name: Pegasus
Would you fly me away
I need to fly away

Just take me to that magic land
To where I know I’m free
Spread your wings
And take me there
Cause I need to feel free

Fly me
Across the sky
Way up high where I can see
Take me deep inside my mind
Please bring me back to me

Passing years
Have shown to me
Things I forgot to believe
Mythical is just a word
For what we forget to see

You’re magical
You rule the sky
Mythical, you are free
Passing years have shown me how
You’ve always been there for me